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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  April 1, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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>> too badly injured to be airlifted to safety, crew members on a yacht racing to oakland hit by a huge wave in the ocean. where they are now in when they will arrive in the bay area. an intense early morning fire tears through a house that more than one dozen people called home. the agony felt by family members and close neighbors. watch out what you do behind the wheel. tougher fines for distracted drivers. we're following a developing story off the coast of california. the coast guard has rescued two of the most seriously injured members of the crew hit by a giant wave in a race to the bay
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area. >> we've just learned that the helicopter will be back in about 20 minutes now wrapping up hours of effort by the crew people to rescue those on the racing yacht. it is almost over now and here is petty officer callebs crutchfield. >> the important thing to remember is that everyone is safe and sound. everyone is on their way back and we will be able to get 200 passengers the medical attention they need >> wind up to 60 not sent massive waves over yachts competing in and around the world yacht race. one monstrous breaker took out the steering of a ship leaving free crewmembers with injuries
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for mile, 400 mi. off the california coast. the coast guard reach the stricken boat on sunday but the weather was too bad for rescue jumpers. >> when will be moving the sailboat, the cutter itself is moving >> late in today the coast guard was able to get the cutter to the damaged yacht but the sea conditions were deemed too dangerous to hoist the injured to a helicopter and instead they were taken by small boat and remain on board for the trip to the bay area. nine of the 10 big racing boats arrived ok at jack london square. >> we had been washed down the boat. you have to be clipped lawn a
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what is unusual was the magnitude of the way of >> many of those have a lot of training but not much experience in the open ocean >> head winds, big waves, a few injuries than but in the last three weeks it has all been down wind but we got up to 55 knots was the highest. >> this is the yacht prior to the race. its healthy but shaken crew members remained on board for their trip to san francisco using a back up steering system. the two most critically injured members of that racing not remain on board the cutter tonight. we expect a helicopter to come back and talk to the crew in a little bit. those injured crew members will come back on the cover all the way to co-star rylan >> still no word tonight on what
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started a deadly house fire in pacifica. more than one dozen people live there and two were not able to make it out >> it is just, unbelievable. >> neighbor pat honey it is at a loss for words. just hours after the house across the street caught fire killing a boy and man >> the entire bottom floor was flames coming out of the living room, the entire thing was up in flames >> 14 people lived here, seven adults, six children and a baby boy >> the first thing i thought was about the kids >> firefighters arrived on scene at about 6:00 a.m., poured water on the home and searched but they soon decided the fire was so intense it was too dangerous
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to be inside the home >> is very difficult, rescues the first priority and unfortunately they had to pull up >> at 9:00 he was safe and not for firefighters to enter the house and that is when they found two bodies >> we are feeling, it is nothing. it is nothing, it is about these people and the community >> the spent the day trying to figure out how it started >> there's nothing to indicate this is suspicious >> 3 people were taken to hospital with minor injuries after escaping the fire and are expected to be ok. >> one day everything is fine and the next is not. >> the red cross is helping to other people who live in this house find somewhere else live.
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>> to pedestrians suffered injuries after being hit by a driver in holland avenue and danforth drive in sunnyvale. their conditions tonight are on now. the driver was caught and arrested after his car was found in los altos. last night's weekly occupy oakland march left behind thousands of dollars of damage according to police. witnesses say 10-15 demonstrators dressed in black used hammers to smash windows of small businesses. they also spray-painted slogans on downtown buildings including wells fargo bank. recent marches had been peaceful so police had scaled back their presence. >> it has been more than two weeks since sierra lamar disappeared and another day was
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a frustrating day of searching by volunteers and law- enforcement. >> she vanished more than two weeks ago and still, no one knows what happened to 15 year- old sierra lamar. hundreds of volunteers have spent six straight days of searching for any telltale signs. nothing has turned up since police found key evidence that tells them the teenager was taken >> the last significant find is when they found her purse. should she has it been frustrated that nothing else has been found? >> yes, it is hard because the cell phone and the person becomes more real but i need to stay strong >> more than 600 volunteers and 70 different search party spread out throughout the county. they look here at mount madonna
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park looking for any evidence that would help them track down the missing girl. the exhaustion is slowing but they insist what they're doing is a rescue mission >> i want to find her or anything other than a clue that will be best to get her home safely >> police are conducting their own search is separate from the volunteers but the volunteers help in more ways than the obvious >> sometimes there are helpful and it is also not at all unusual for the predator or person responsible for the crime to be in the search group which is why whoever's running to search group needs to get name and address in photo identification of everyone involved >> the family will now rely on social media. but the public is being asked to post a picture of her >> i think that will be helpful
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to get her picture up there, it is much faster and posting flyers which is one thing we've been doing all so >> 16 days of accounting, time is werke against them but no one is conceiving hope >> and up and drive is the warning from officers across the state. april is california's distracted driving awareness month. law enforcement agencies have zero tolerance for cell phones and testing behind the wheel. it is not only technology that can lead to a ticket >> talking to passengers, anything that will take them off the focus of driving the vehicle. we all know that operating a motor vehicle takes 100 percent of your attention. >> the ticket will cost you a minimum of $159.
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drivers to use hand-held devices are four times as likely to get into crashes. drivers are encouraged to turn off the cell phone and placed it out of reach. front runner mitt romney once headed double-digit lead in wisconsin but recent polls show is lead is shrinking. rick santorum is resisting demands from party leaders to get out of the race >> mitt romney took aim at president obama. >> he doesn't know that is going on in the country and he doesn't understand what the future looks like >> he says the president is too comfortable with trillion dollar deficits that can sink the economy but he must first win his party's nomination before taking on the president. he leads the extent form in wisconsin polls and the overall delegate count.
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>> less than half the delegates have been selected, we have a long way to go and we need to fight the fight to make sure we can win >> there is growing call within the republican party for santorum to end his campaign. >> i think it is absolutely apparent that it is in the best interest of our party at this particular point to get behind the person he was obviously going to be our nominee >> vice-president joe biden is expecting romney to win the gop nomination and says that romney is out of touch with the voters >> none of what he is offering does anything >> a new poll shows the president's job approval rating is over 50 percent for the first time since june but many americans are still worried about rising gas prices. >> a school bus full of kids and a tornado approaching.
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a bus drivers agonizing decision over what to do with the kids. dramatic video of the bus being carried away by the twister. the parents an imminent armed teenagers shot by about what is really behind the shooting >> now for something completely different, after the rain and wind we now will go with sunshine on monday and later, the big chill. details coming up in a few minutes
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>> more than one dozen people were arrested in this rally demanding justice for trayvon martin. hundreds linked at the arm and block off the street in indianapolis. after 25 minutes police acts them to leave twice. 13 people refused and they were arrested. political leaders, sports stars and entertainers held a rally in miami and they vow not to give up until justice is served. >> five weeks after trayvon martin was killed his parents joined thousands of people in miami demanding justice for his death. michael brought his family to the rally and he worries what happened to martin could happen to his own son >> i look at him and i cannot imagine something happening to him like that >> questions nationwide about
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whether race played a part in the killings. in neighborhood watch volunteer shot and killed him when he was walking and zimmerman says it was self-defense but martin's family does not accept his story. activists yesterday marched on the stanford police department demanding that zimmerman be jailed. the naacp see president organized the rally. >> people of grown tired and frustrated with see him go free and not be charged or locked out >> the passion stirred up in the wake of the killing shows no signs of subsiding >> i think this is something that we need to continue and continue until we have justice >> a florida special prosecutor has been under investigation but said she will have no comment
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until its completion. the fbi is also investigating. >> pope benedict kick off holy week celebrations with on sunday mass in st. peter's square this morning looking rested after his recent trip to cuba, the pope said that cuban officials have agreed to his request to make good friday holiday. thousands of pilgrims from around the world came to the vatican for ceremonies >> is unbelievable actually. if you see how many people come together here to celebrate. it is beautiful >> in his sermon, the pope preached unity of all humanity and respect for all different cultures. new video shows the heroic acts of a school bus driver on the day tornadoes ripped through indiana. nearly one month ago this is
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what it looked like from inside a school bus when a twister hit the town of and rebuilt. the driver quickly made the decision to head back to the school. >> everybody stayed together. right now, go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ago go go >> all of the children made it off the best and just three minutes later the bus was blown away, slamming into a car before crashing into a restaurant. the storm that blew through the bay area's yesterday's leaving its mark in the southern portion of the state. no word on if anyone was hurt, wind gusts hit up to 55 m.p.h.. high winds caused a huge 15 ft.
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swells off the coast. i'm not sure if this is april fool's are not but bryan says the son will return >> we're actually going to have unusually warm weather and we will tell you about that but that is in the headlines. there are high surf advisories around the bay area. surf is up, sunshine on monday, and a cool chains on the way for tuesday. temperatures raise from 47-51. wind has mostly calm down except at the airport. a little bit windy in santa rosa. aside from that it was a breezy day today. surf is up along the entire central coast. swells out of the west at 20
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ft.. we will be looking for sunshine in the bay area to start monday. high pressure finally reasserts itself, putting a dome of high pressure on northern california. another cold front trailing behind but the high pressure is strong enough so that it leaves one day from the cold and breezy conditions. if you look at the time lapse, in the next 24 hours you can see the high clouds beginning to filter in and that will lead to cooler weather on tuesday and maybe some sprinkles tuesday night and wednesday. at major hubs around the
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country, 57 degrees in to work and back in the bay area, here comes the sun. 67 in union city. 71 in morgan hill. over in the east bay, upper 60s. 69 degrees in santa rosa and 63 at stinson beach. as we surge ahead we will cloud up on tuesday and double up fate that to at least introduced the chance of some sprinkles tuesday night but we will have plenty of sun in time for the easter bunny. >> the caped crusader is not immune to the law. this past to be one of the most unusual police stops. police in maryland pulled over that man or at least a guy in a
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batman costume driving the bat mobile. this problem was not having its license plate properly displayed. he goes to hospitals to visit sick children and after proving he had a license and legal registration, he posed for pictures with the officers and was free to go. we will be right back
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>> the hunger games remains at the top of the box office this weekend. in its second week ended may 20th $7 million more than the runner-up. it earns more than $61 million and the wrath of the titans earned 34 million which is far below its predecessor made on its opening weekend two years ago. it was a sweep for jack and jill at the razzies awards which recognize the worst movies of the year. it won all 10 words for which it was nominated. adam sandler one has worst
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actor and worst actress for his dual role in jack and jill. just last night adams and the one a favorite actor award for jack and jill at the kids choice awards. step aside tony hall, you have some competition. look at this 12 year-old skateboarder who landed the first 1080 on a ramp in southern california. many stars have tried to do three complete revolutions but so far only tom short as been able to land it. >> it was a great day of finishes in sports. the stanford women fight for one more game hoping to reach the championship.
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>> kentucky and kansas will tip off for the national championship tomorrow but tonight belong to the women >> the cardinal facing no. 1 and defeated baylor. they'll britney to 13 points but baylor still pulled away in the second half winning 59-47. the warriors in l.a., no stopping kobe bryant as the lakers beat the warriors. lpga, cam with this one footer to win but she blows the shot at the craft nabisco championship and she is in a playoff that does not last long. sun celebrates with her caddy. nascar, two laps to go, the leaders get taken out and rye
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newman assumes the lead and hold off everyone to take the checkered flag. >> came day at 1135 with you and dennis. have a good night.
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